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Ice speedway, biathlon and more

Winter highlights in winter

From the ice speedway in Inzell to the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding

Chiemgau is a paradise for winter sports fans – in addition to a high certainty of snow, scenic cross-country skiing trails and expansive ski resorts, it also offers a host of other highlights. Every year, thousands of fans flock to the Biathlon World Cup, held at the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding. The arena is one of the most modern winter sports venues anywhere around the world and the elite international sports event is thrilling for spectators and athletes alike. The ice speedway in Inzell also provides spectacular entertainment as motorbike races on the ice in the Max Aicher Arena. In addition, the arena features a speed skating oval and an ice hockey rink, which host elite sports and are also open to the public. It even offers Bavarian curling, a popular winter sport among holidaymakers and for corporate events.

Enjoy sporting highlights at Chiemgau’s modern arenas!

Max Aicher Arena

The arena features a speed skating oval, ice hockey rink and Bavarian curling rink and is only a short distance from Das Falkenstein. The Chiemgau Card also entitles visitors to a free stadium tour.

Max Aicher Arena

Ice speedway

The Ice Speedway World Cup in held each year at the Max Aicher Arena. Motorbikes with spikes on their tyres compete in spectacular races on the ice. A true highlight in Inzell.

Ice speedway in Inzell

Biathlon World Cup, Ruhpolding

The Biathlon World Cup attracts fans in huge numbers from around the world. Guests can use a free shuttle service to travel between Inzell and the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding.

Biathlon in Ruhpolding

Chiemgau Card

Guests receive a Chiemgau Card upon arrival at the hotel. It allows you to access numerous discounts on activities and events in the region.

Chiemgau Card

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